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Web-based GIS solutions allow easy accessibility of your project information.

Capital Planning Projects
Manage capital planning projects within a community.

Topographical Maps
Acccess project reports and data (topographical map showing graduated elevation ranges).

Web-Based GIS

In order to get the most out of GIS data, it has to be accessible. Having the GIS data available via the web allows it to be accessed at any time and any place using common standard web browsers. Custom web development allows the web-based GIS system to provide specific solutions.

Some of the advantages of web-based GIS include:

      •   The GIS data is in a dynamic map format and can be included in various presentations and reports.
      •   The web-based GIS can incorporate other data sources, including non-spatial data, in order to present the
           most useful and relevant information.
      •   Ability to interact with the application simultaneously, allowing coordinated work to be done.
      •   GIS data is derived from data residing on networked GIS systems, so the web-based GIS can act as an
           extension of these.
      •   Web-based GIS data is in one convenient central location, it is continually backed up, so no data can be lost.

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