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Data Analysis

Capital Planning Projects
Our custom Web Applications offer the basic data analysis graphics which are fully customizable to include company logos and background imagery as examples.

Capital Planning Projects
Customized forms can be quickly develop to assist in field

Web Applications

Membertou Geomatics Solution’s can develop unique Web Applications to suit a client’s particular needs. Online surveys and/or data input are a typical requirement where clients require input from target audiences or clients to populate a database for further analysis. The resulting data shares the same tracking and reporting functionality of our Project Management tools with additional graph output functionality customized to the client’s needs.

Other examples of online input Web Applications include questionnaires, customer/attendance head counts, event registrations, field sampling and observations as well as maintenance schedules and logs. Web Applications can also be tied directly into the Project Management tracking and reporting system where client online service requests initiate a service ticket, tracking and invoicing process.