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This image (below) portrays some of the different types of data that can be viewed alone or in layers to help provide in-depth information about a geographic area.

Each layer can geographically show data, or can be connected to one or several databases for further information.


Membertou Geomatics Solutions provides a variety of services that can help you collect, analyze and customize data.  Data may be spatial, including geographical data and properties, or numerical, such as how many people or buildings are in a certain geographic district.

Through accurate measurements, data analysis, imaging and advanced technology, we can help you turn data into solid decision-making tools.

Some of our data capture and conversion methods include:

    + Photogrammetry               + GPS field surveys
    + Database and Lidar            + Conversion from hard copy maps
    + Database mapping             + Historical data mapping

Using these technologies, we create and combine images, databases and other packages of information, to help you see the core of the situation, and often, the cause and effect relationships involved in any complex environment.  With this clear view, you gain the insight you need to make informed decisions, and develop solid plans of action.


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Environmental Data

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